Seaside Serenity Group

The experience I have had here at seaside serenity is unlike any that I have ever had before. On one hand it has taught me a great deal of patience and tolerance for my fellow man, on the other hand, the sense of brotherhood have made such a remarkable impact on the person I see in the mirror every morning as I brush my teeth. The thing I value most about this program is the freedom and open-mindedness to be allowed to choose whichever fellowship, whichever path we feel most comfortable with, just so long as we find a park and work towards going into a new way to live. Along with that has come a sense of responsibility, integrity, gratitude and even a little pride in being a part of something as positive and monumental as this program is, in both how the people here work in helping me to change my life, as well as how I play a part in helping to change the lives of other in a positive way. Thank you Donald for have the heart, compassion, and willingness to make this program possible.

With undying gratitude

Drew S.

When I first called Donald at Seaside Serenity I never imagined the blessing Seaside would become. While living here I have been given support, understanding and acceptance as well as held to the accountability that has been vital to my recovery. The bonds I made here have been some of the strongest of my life. I will forever be grateful.

Joshua C.

I came here after treatment, being scared and having no place else to turn Seaside Serenity accepted me with open arms. The accountability and brotherhood I was given freely here is a blessing. This taught me how to have a schedule within my sobriety


Chase S.

Seaside Serenity is a godsend. The house owner “Don” genuinely cares about the people who live here. If you honestly work a program and live here there is no reason you can not succeed. Thank you for everything Seaside Serenity & Donald.


Josh T.

Having a brotherhood has been on of the most important factors of my journey in recovery. Support and real opinions after relapse has been the most important foctors of being able to continue my journey in recovery. I have been in other houses, and the love and support in this house far exceeds any other house in the area. So if you want it, this is where to get it. Welcome Home.


P.S. Its a good idea to call Don every morning between 10 and 11 o clock Just to check in.


Jeff A.

Started out my recovery journey at another recovery house here in Daytona. That place was a huge disappointment, dangerous, dirty, greedy, cult like. Seaside Serenity on the other hand is FANTASTIC!!!!!. I feel so grateful for the safe, clean, nurturing environment Don has created for us. I have a lot of love for the men in this house and feel so lucky that they have been a part of my recovery experience. If you are looking for a place that treats you like a adult and is conducive to genuine recovery, then this is it.


Jason M.

Seaside Serenity has provided me a solid foundation and program of recovery. I have begun to rebuild my life through the required active participation in the program. I would recommend Seaside Serenity to anyone willing to change their life. Thank you!


Dave R.