Men's Sober Living
Daytona Beach Florida


Seaside Serenity is a sober living facility for men in the Daytona Beach area. We offer a Program of recovery that works for both the NA and AA fellowships. We give me men a chance to rebuild their lives SOBER. We offer structure and stability, while you work a program of recovery, gain employment and rebuild your life. This is sober living in Daytona Beach at its finest.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Seaside Serenity is to provide a safe, clean, well-managed sober house to qualified male residents, which will lead our residents to productive, contributing members of society.  Emphasis is placed on the following basic premises:  sobriety, affordable housing, beneficial personal income and skills.


Our environment is conducive for implementing a plan of recovery through practicing the Twelve Step Program to develop personal responsibility, build and maintain family relationships, gain stable employment, and return to the community with a comprehensive body of knowledge allowing each resident to experience a whole new way of life.



Seaside Serenity Provides:


·       Policies and procedures enforced to create a safe and sober living environment

·      Zero Tolerance Policy – Negative actions create negative results/termination

·      Built-in support group, Unity is our Code

·      Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

·      Peer-support group meeting on property

·      Four-Stage Process to help you incorporate a Plan of Action

·      Voluntary Money Management Policy

·      All bed linens and towels provided

·      Cable TV & Wi-Fi internet access

·      Washer/Dryer available onsite

·      Toiletries can be provided to you at admission, until you receive income

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